PACT Alliance

First Step towards full Upstream Integration

The PACT Alliance is a through partnership between Trouvay & Cauvin and a large number first in class manufacturers from all over the world.

The idea of this close cooperation is to bring our customers the power from the industry in combination with the technical competence and service of an international trading house such as Trouvay & Cauvin.

To guarantee a continuous performance ranking from all PACT members, frequent audits are carried out by the Trouvay & Cauvin QA/QC Manager.

Main advantages of PACT

·         Manufacturing presence in all continent
·         High order volume resulting into best market prices
·         Access to factory planning and production
·         Optimization of order processing and logistic coordination
·         Continuous performance measurement & quality assessment
·         Costs reduction linked to quality
·         Standardization of project documents
·         Reduced cycle time and high priority of T&C orders